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Football defenses today run numerous plays and formations throughout a game. MASTER the fundamentals of a defense, including the categories of defensive players, tackling, pre-snap keys, run defense, pass defense and many more.


Custom design of conditioning/energy system workouts, specific to explosive exercises that will get you in true football shape. Exact types of activities that will actually develop YOUR speed, power and anaerobic football endurance.

Defensive Drills

Diversity of football drills, specific to defensive positions. Whereas you are a defensive back, linebacker or lineman you will gain KNOWLEDGE of pursuit and tackling philosophy, objectives, priorities, proper technique, read keys and extra.


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Do you need help? Get in touch with me if you are looking for a goal-oriented and energetic coach possessing excellent leadership skills, dynamic interpersonal communication skills and strong mentoring ability. I concentrate on cultivating hardworking and focused athletes, and teams, with an emphasis on teamwork and perseverance. YOU will be equipped to support the mission of any athletic program!

Career Timeline

- Assistant Coach/Linebacker Coach for State Champion high school varsity team.
- Created and directed football practice drills for the Linebacker defensive position.
- Helped develop each student's physical and psychological fitness.
- Developed strength and conditioning programs and ran classes in the summer for students/athletes as well as during the school year.
- Established and followed through with penalties for breaches of sportsmanship standards.
- Reviewed game film and statistical reports for game operations.
- Monitored the academic performance of student-athletes in addition to their athletic progress.
- Motivated and encouraged student-athletes to do their best during practices and games.
- Assisted student-players in finding college football scholarships.

• 2006 New York State Champion

• 2007 New York Division Champion

• 2009 New York Division Champion

• 2010 New York Sectional Semi-Finalist

• 2011 New York Sectional Semi-Finalist

• 2019 CAAF Women's Premier League Vice-Champion

Warsaw Sirens, CAAF Women's Premier League 2019
Dukes Zabki, PLFA Top Liga 2019

- Calling and running the Defense, Kickoff and Punt Return special teams.
- Designed and conducted football practice drills for defensive positions.
- Utilized Hudl for film breakdown and creating practice scripts.
- Assisted with and conducted off-season activities including study tables and strength training.
- Developed strong relationships with athletes and assistant coaches.
- Coordinate tryouts and rosters for teams.

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